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Childhood Asthma in Charlottesville

Children who have symptoms of recurrent cough, shortness of breath, wheezing or tightness of chest tightness may suffer from asthma. If not treated, these children often avoid physical activities and complain of difficulty catching their breath or of their chest hurting. They may cough when sick, particularly at night.

Asthma has multiple causes, and it is not uncommon for two or more different causes to be present in one child. Apart from wheezing, asthma may also present with coughing, shortness of breath and recurrent bronchitis. It is important to understand the triggers of the child's symptoms and also what helps reduce the symptoms. Your allergist has specialized training and understanding of the causative factors and triggers of your child's symptoms and will help determine those along with developing a treatment plan. It is important to know about your child's environment (including exposure to smoking, pets and other allergens) and family history.

In children, colds and allergens are probably the two most frequent triggers of childhood asthma. Infants need even more attention and careful understanding of these symptoms, sometimes referred to as reactive airway disease. The most important part aspects of managing asthma is to be very knowledgeable about the causative factors and triggers for asthma, how to avoid these triggers and how to use medications in an optimized manner.

Your allergist will help you develop an asthma management plan, and it is wise to share it with other caregivers. This plan outlines what medications to take, and when and how to increase the doses or add more medication if needed. An asthma management plan puts you in control for detection and early treatment of symptoms.

(Information only; not intended to replace medical advice; adapted from AAAAI)