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Urticaria in Charlottesville

Urticaria, also commonly called hives, are red, itchy and raised areas of the skin. Such swollen areas can have different sizes and can appear anywhere on the body. Interestingly, these may migrate to other parts on the body, thus showing up in other body areas during the course of the reaction. Allergic reactions to food, latex or drugs, and viral or bacterial infections are common triggers of urticarial in both children and adults. These hives usually go away spontaneously by avoiding the allergic trigger. Medical intervention is needed to prevent recurrence or to increase comfort. Oral histamines, or in some cases, oral steroids, may need to be used. Chronic urticaria may occur almost every day for months, or even, years. For such individuals, pressure, scratching, or stress may worsen hives Physical urticaria refers to hives that result from a non-allergic source, such as rubbing of the skin, cold, heat, physical exercise, pressure and direct exposure to sunlight.

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